How search and smart display help Mollie conquer Europe


About Mollie

From a small start-up to one of Europe’s largest and leading payment service providers. That’s Mollie. By building payment products, commerce solutions and APIs, Mollie helps 65.000+ businesses, of all sizes, work more effi ciently through a reliable, yet easy-to-use, payment solution.

The challenge

When Mollie started, they spearheaded the payments industry by introducing clever payment products that were easier, cheaper, and more fl exible than what the existing rigid, cumbersome, solutions off ered by banks could do. Now, more than a decade later, Mollie has conquered the Netherlands, but their ambitions are bigger. They want to conquer the rest of the world. And to do so, they needed to work on their online visibility and show the world that there is a ‘New Kid on The Block’.

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The results

Just like Google, Mollie and SDIM strive to achieve simplicity through a well-thought-out process, complemented by the finest design and supported by the best technique. They all believe that this combination leads to the best results. And eventually it did, but Mollie and SDIM had to overcome some challenges first. To create successful international search campaigns, Mollie and SDIM wanted to start in 5 countries, at the same time. Translating the existing campaigns was the first  hallenge, but the perfect translation service from Google has saved them a lot of time. Google translated Mollie’s successful Dutch campaigns through ‘native speakers’ who  understand how Google Ads works in one fell swoop, for all countries.

The content was ready to rock, but then challenge number two arrived. Mollie, being within the display approach, a ‘performance-driven’ party, had a strict CPA objective. Now, it’s always a challenge to combine display and performance, but the label of a ‘performance-driven’ party combined with the international part made it more exciting than usual. Thanks to smart display and the advice from Google during a meeting in Dublin, it was possible to steer on a CPA, which gave a kickstart to achieve these challenging goals.

Mollie has been working with SDIM for 10 years now, and in those 10 years SDIM has proven to be a good, reliable and innovative partner. Always ready to support, think
along and help implement scalable solutions that are in line with Mollie’s growth
ambitions. The adaptation and implementation of the latest worldwide Google Ads products is one of the many valuable additions that SDIM has achieved for Mollie. We also want to thank Google for the pleasant cooperation, through the good agency account

Ivor Beurskens,
Head of Performance
Advertising at Mollie

The results

As a tech party, Mollie is a front runner in the fi eld of tech adoption. This can also be seen in the online marketing approach. By using all of the machine learning techniques that Google off ers (i.e., attribution, automation, audiences) the CPA quickly reached the level of the Netherlands after a very short start-up period.

The first results are impressive, but Mollie and SDIM want more! Which is why the new Google update “Selective Conversion Targets” couldn’t have arrived at a better moment. It gives them the opportunity to play the full funnel approach in
Google Ads, and more eff ectively deliver on their own KPI’s, and thereby feed the machine learning algorithm with even stronger data. To be continued!


YoY growth in number of active merchants (non NL/BE) (January till March 2019 vs. January till March 2018)


increase in registrations YoY (January till March 2019 vs. January till March 2018)


conversion uplift with Smart Display on top of nonbranded Search