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SDIM, the result-driven online marketing agency for businesses. SDIM focuses on improving the online visibility of organizations and increasing the return on websites. Transparency, a no-nonsense attitude, and quality: that’s what SDIM stands for. We provide:

  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online strategy
  • E-commerce consultancy
  • Feedmarketing (Beslist, Marktplaats, Shopping,, Fashionchick, etc.)
  • (Google) Analytics setup, analysis & advice
  • Social Media, Display, and Online Advertising
  • Website conversion optimization & testing

SDIM’s team of tripple certified experts are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss the benefits of SDIM’s approach.

Honesty & honoring promises

A deal is a deal. The SDIM motto is: ‘Treat clients, staff, and suppliers the way you want to be treated.’ We will all benefit from a long-term collaboration, which can only be achieved by being honest and honoring promises. We set ourselves strict yet feasible deadlines, which we MEET. Our contracts never exceed one page, because we believe that one page provides more than enough space for solid agreements.

No-nonsense attitude

‘No nonsense:’ it might be a bit of a cliché, but we still believe it’s the best term for describing our service. We will not waste your time and budget on unnecessarily extensive (and, therefore, expensive) reports or meetings. Instead, we will spend it on the only thing that truly matters: the active improvement of your results. And whenever we believe it’s important for your results, we will always give you our informed opinion.

References lead to growth

A small number of our new clients are acquired through Google (how could we not use our own website as a test bed?). But our main growth results from references from existing clients. That’s something we are proud of, as it indicates that our way of working and the results we produce are recommendable. We appreciate this tremendous compliment, which is why we always do everything within our reach to ensure that new clients will benefit from the same quality level. Your reference is too valuable to lose.

Quick response

In keeping with our motto ‘Treat clients the way you want to be treated,’ we will always give a quick response, a useful reply, and/or a suitable solution.


Our clients generally agree with our way of working. We always aim for a fruitful collaboration. We understand that ‘whoever pays, decides,’ but we also realize that merely giving orders does not lead to positive results. By applying our unique knowledge and experience, we do what’s best for the client. As a result, we can always explain our choices. Our ideal client is open to our strategy and believes as well as appreciates our advice. Results matter. That is why we like our clients to be critical yet confident in our way of working on your behalf. We do everything to prove that we are worth your trust.