Channable feedmanagement tooling partner

SDIM is an accredited Gold partner of feedmanagement software Channable. SDIM, therefore, has a direct influence on the development of new features and is always first to have access to beta functionality.


  • 15 years online marketing experience
  • 5,5yrs average client retention
  • Clients keep ownerships of all data & accounts
  • Google Ads Partner score: 99%
  • SDIM Google reviews: 4,9 out of 5 *****
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The intensive collaboration between SDIM and Channable has, since the introduction in 2013, resulted in tooling that meets the requirements that SDIM sets for product feed management on all fronts. Including the possibility to dynamically link webshop product databases to Google AdWords search campaigns at very low costs is excellent.

Feed management channels

Channable enables SDIM to provide high-end services in the field of feed marketing. SDIM realizes better product ads and more impressions at lower costs for advertisers on:

  • Amazon
  • Google Shopping
  • Beslist, Marktplaats
  • Picky, Twenga, Tweakers, Vergelijk etc.
  • Pricerunner, Shopmania, Ciao etc.
  • Mentoday, Fashionchick, Styleguide, etc.
  • Different dynamic remarketing channels

Of course we are honored that the Channable team has rewarded the quality of our services and knowledge with an accredited partner certification on support and operations when using Channable for advertisers.

Data feed management and optimization

Our knowledge of feed specifications from different channels combined with the excellent tooling means that we are able to get more results, faster, from feed marketing for our clients. Intensive optimization of budget, bids and ads then ensures ever-increasing results.