Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads is thé most effective online performance marketing channel that allows you to reach your audience in a heartbeat and pique their interest for conversion. When setup properly, Ads will pay for itself without fail.


  • 15 years online marketing experience
  • 5,5yrs average client retention
  • Clients keep ownerships of all data & accounts
  • Google Ads Partner score: 99%
  • SDIM Google reviews: 4,9 out of 5 *****
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Benefits Ads campaigns

  • Website is instantly found on Google
  • Number of sales / leads from your website is increased
  • You’ll only pay for clicks; we will increase ROI to the right levels
  • Results are measureable and transparent – including call tracking
  • You’ll know exactly what your campaign costs and what it generates
  • Your Google Ads campaign will always be cost-effective

At SDIM, maximum return on investment in Google Ads is alway the main focus.

Google Ads services

  • Creating a new Ads campaign
  • Improving an existing Ads campaign
  • Ads tailored to webshops, including Google Shopping
  • Productfeed based, automated, dynamic Ads keyword campaigns
  • Advertising on Youtube
  • Ads remarketing campaigns
  • GMail retargeting campaigns
  • Advertising on Google partner sites through the Google Display network
  • International campaigns in all languages

Google Ads by SDIM

The main goals are clear-cut: lower cost-per-conversion, more conversion & revenue. SDIM gets the most out of Ads, leading to maximum results. Benefit from extensive knowledge acquired through years of experience in multiple markets, like Fashion, business services, finance, consumer goods, travel etc. SDIM is the expert when it comes to international businesses that focus on the local market, especially in The Netherlands and The Benelux.

  • Extremely comprehensive setup
  • Continuous optimization and bidmangement
  • Triple certified senior campaign managers only
  • Always focused on conversion (more sales, leads, etc.)
  • Standard conversion and/or shoppingcart tracking
  • Phone leads tracking
  • Unlimited reports including conversion KPI’s
  • Google Ads Qualified Professionals
  • Ads account remains client property
  • Guaranteed increased results from your existing Ads campaign
  • No fixed contracts

SDIM has adopted an integral approach. Knowledge gained from your Google Ads campaign will be applied to advice on search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and Website Usability. In their turn, these services enhance the return on your Google Ads campaign.

Want to know what Google Ads can do for you? Then please contact us to schedule an appointment, get a customized quote, or set up a free consultation session to discuss the possibilities and the results you may anticipate.

Questions about Google Ads campaigns?