A successful collaboration for more than 10 years


Mollie is the organization that builds smart and innovative payment products and is always working on making payments better in an innovative way. Since 2009, SDIM supports Mollie with the online marketing activities. In a collaboration of more than 10 years, enormous growth has been achieved, with Mollie growing from a small startup to a European company.


  • 15 years online marketing experience
  • 5,5yrs average client retention
  • Clients keep ownerships of all data & accounts
  • Google Ads Partner score: 99%
  • SDIM Google reviews: 4,9 out of 5 *****
“A good product is important, but good findability too. AdWords is the wild west for us. After bad experiences with another party, we are now very satisfied with SDIM. SDIM knows how to achieve a very good result for us. The fact that SDIM is not a stiff organization and that we can spar with them as real partners makes it a great party. “

Adriaan Mol
Owner / founderMollie
Curious how you can become such a happy customer?

For Mollie SDIM has provided the following services