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Google AdWords campaigns

Google AdWords is thé most effective online performance marketing channel that allows you to reach your audience in a heartbeat and pique their interest for conversion. When setup properly, AdWords will pay for itself without fail. Benefits AdWords campaigns Website is instantly found on Google Number of sales / leads from your website is increased… Read more »


A superb website, poor rankings? Ready to grow, but not enough traffic? Play it smart and leave your competition in the dust by applying SDIM’s SEO strategy. Choosing SDIM means boosting your online presence to an optimal level as well as witnessing a guaranteed increase in more valuable visitors. SEO: essential to your website Placing… Read more »


Feedmarketing is the automated process of advertising your product(-database) on different online comparison shopping channels and marketplaces. Local feedmarketing channels The Dutch and European online shopping market is very different form other European markets and the US. The main players and channels are: (Dutch) Google Shopping Marktplaats Admarkt (The Dutch Craigslist) (The Dutch… Read more »

Remarketing campaigns

SDIM optimizes and manages remarketing end email retargeting campaigns on local Dutch, Belgian and other European markets. Ranging from Facebook, to Adform, Doubleclick, Google AdWords display Network and Gmail to Youtube and local advertising networks. Please contact us for advice on optimal advertising strategy and channel selection for your local advertising campaigns. SDIM works for… Read more »

Webanalytics & reporting

In order to maximize website ROI organisations will need to track and interpret webbanalytics data accurately.  Data will help you understand your website visitor, improve your website and campaign setup and increase conversion from existing, or new, traffic to increase business, conversion, or brand interaction

Mobile marketing

A superb website, poor mobile rankings? Not enough insight into your app traffic. Your app not ranking well in the appstore? The internet is changing to mobile rapidly. Mobile and app traffic are on the rise. Is you organizattion ready to capitalize on the mobile growth? Ready to grow, but not enough traffic? Play it… Read more »

Conversion Optimization

Let’s say your website is already generating a bustantial amount of high-quality visitors. How do you get them to convert to a sale or lead. How to increase your goal conversion rate. Aseemingly small increase will generate very high returns. For example: you run a webshop generating €100.000 omzet and a conversionrate of 1%.  An increase  from… Read more »

Programmatic advertising

SDIM optimizes and manages high-end data-driven programmatic display, remarketing, mobile and video campaigns on local Dutch, Belgian and other European markets: Doubleclick / Google Marketing Platform Ad Serving Google Display Network Video Advertising & Digital TV Digital out of home (DOOH) Digital radio and spot advertising Spotify for Brands Programmatic campaign management Video marketing and… Read more »

Online marketing strategy

Local online marketing, e-commerce & advertising strategy SDIM will provide local online marketing and advertising strategy for both Dutch, Belgian and other European markets, including Facebook Ads and remarketing Google AdWords LinkedIn Ads Twitter Ads Local comparisson Shopping Engines Shopping channels: Fashionchick, Winkelstraat etc. Marketplaces, like the #1 Dutch Marktplaats Google Adwords Display Netwerk Remarketing Feedmarketing… Read more »