Conversion Optimization

Let’s say your website is already generating a bustantial amount of high-quality visitors. How do you get them to convert to a sale or lead. How to increase your goal conversion rate. Aseemingly small increase will generate very high returns. For example: you run a webshop generating €100.000 omzet and a conversionrate of 1%.  An increase from 1% to 1,1% is worth €10.000. That is an increase to invest in!


  • 15 years online marketing experience
  • 5,5yrs average client retention
  • Clients keep ownerships of all data & accounts
  • Google Ads Partner score: 99%
  • SDIM Google reviews: 4,9 out of 5 *****
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Website Conversion Optimization

Website Conversie Optimization

Website Conversie Optimalimization is the proces of improving your website to be more succesfull:

  • Create a more user-friendly website
  • Improve website conversion rate
  • Create better website usability
  • Get more revenue from your existing website visitors
  • Increase AdWords and other online performance advertsing ROI

The CRO proces

  1. Determine website KPI”s and conversion goal(-value)
  2. Setup webanalytics and other optimization tools
  3. Data-analysis and testing, including
  • Usability scan
  • Visitor video analyse
  • AdWords A/B testing
  • Remote user panel testing
  • Competitor website analysis
  • A/B testing & Multivariate testing

Why Conversion Optimalization with SDIM?

  • Analytics Qualified emloyees
  • High return on investment
  • Platform independent (we will wok with any tooling, of provide our own)
  • Clear, comprehensive reporting
  • Years of usability experience
  • Every A/B-test we have ever ran improved KPI’s over 100%(!)

Questions about Conversion Optimization?